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Introducing the Soft Landing Divorce Settlement Method Funnel, a unique roadmap that helps conflicted separating couples create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures. Our approach focuses on providing clients with a range of tailored services to meet their needs. For those who are self-settled, we offer a comprehensive separation agreement service. For those who are conflicted, our Soft Landing Settlement Method includes dispute resolution services such as mediation. For clients with more complex financial structures, we provide advanced divorce financial analytic services.

Our Information First Model is a critical first step. Many people hire lawyers too soon, which can lead to communication breakdowns, escalating conflicts, and expensive court dates. In an Early Neutral Consultation, we bring the separating couple together with a common focus and provide essential information about equitable asset and liability equalization/division, child and spousal support, and settlement options.

We then move on to the Client Outcome Visioning Discussion, where we sit with each client one-on-one to understand their ideal outcome, core objectives, and main concerns. With this information, we become their peacemaking intermediary.

Next, we focus on Decision Making. We provide clients with clear financial foundations, including a thorough understanding of Disclosure, Equitable Quantum, and Smart Share. Our Soft Landing Selection approach involves creating a custom settlement structure that protects clients' wealth while laying the foundation for independent futures and soft landings.

Finally, we help clients reach Agreement through our Family Harbour Child Centered Parenting Plan, Separation Agreement Ontario, and Independent Legal Advice services. Our approach ensures that both parties have input into the separation agreement, creating a sense of equity and ownership.

At Soft Landing Method, we believe that divorce mediation creates the most stable long-term co-parenting environments and are committed to helping separating couples achieve a positive outcome with clarity and certainty.

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