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Building Bridges: How Divorce Mediation Can Resolve Family Disputes in the PERSIAN Community

Salam! I am Robert Samimrad, a Persian mediator with a passion for helping families in our community navigate the complexities of divorce. With over 8 years of experience, I have mediated hundreds of hours of successful divorce cases in Los Angeles, and I am honored to have volunteered as a mediator for the Los Angeles City Attorney's office. As a non-lawyer, I offer a cost-effective solution for divorcing couples who are seeking a better, faster, and emotionally supportive way to resolve their disputes. In this blog post, I will share how working with me as a Persian mediator at can benefit those in the Persian community, allowing them to retain control of their decisions while navigating the divorce process.

Understanding Persian Cultural Perspectives on Divorce and Mediation: As a Persian mediator, I deeply understand the cultural nuances and values that influence how divorce is perceived in our community. I recognize that divorce can be a sensitive topic, and seeking external intervention, such as litigation, may not always align with our cultural norms of preserving family reputation and relationships. This is where divorce mediation can offer a more culturally sensitive approach, allowing divorcing couples to actively participate in resolving their conflicts in a private and voluntary manner, while maintaining control over the outcome.

Drawing on Mediation Techniques for Successful Resolutions: Over the years, I have honed my mediation skills to help divorcing couples find common ground and reach mutually acceptable solutions. Through active listening, empathy, and effective communication techniques, I create a safe and neutral environment where parties can express their concerns and needs openly. Additionally, my experience as a volunteer citation hearing officer for the Los Angeles City Attorney's office has equipped me with the skills to effectively handle legal matters and ensure that agreements reached in mediation can be properly presented to the judge for approval.

Benefits of Working with a Persian Mediator like Myself: Choosing to work with me as a Persian mediator at offers several benefits. Firstly, I have a deep understanding of Persian culture and can navigate any cultural sensitivities that may arise during the mediation process. I respect and uphold our community's values of harmony, respect, and discretion, ensuring that the mediation process aligns with our cultural norms. Secondly, as a non-lawyer, I offer a cost-effective solution, helping divorcing couples avoid the expenses associated with litigation. Once an agreement is reached in mediation, I can help facilitate the proper legal documentation and present it to the judge for approval. This allows the parties involved to retain control over the decision-making process and ensures a faster resolution. Lastly, working with me as a Persian mediator allows for emotional support throughout the process, as I provide a compassionate and understanding approach, taking into consideration the emotional well-being of the parties involved.

Conclusion: Divorce mediation with a Persian mediator like myself can be a beneficial and empowering choice for individuals within the Persian community seeking to resolve family disputes. With my extensive experience in successful mediation, volunteer work for the Los Angeles City Attorney's office, and understanding of Persian cultural norms, I offer a cost-effective, efficient, and emotionally supportive approach to navigating divorce. By working with me, you can retain control over the decision-making process while ensuring that your cultural values and unique needs are respected. If you are going through a divorce within the Persian community, I am here to help you build bridges and find resolution. Let's work together for a better, faster, and more emotionally supportive solution. Contact me at to learn more.

By Robert Samimrad

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